Saturday, July 4, 2009

Things to Avoid to Rank High on Google

An effective website design not only is appealing to the eyes but also to the search engines. This is a list of the most common mistakes that web designers make and why they should be avoided at all cost.
Using tables for the layout
Use divs for layout, not tables. Tables add a lot of unnecessary code to your pages and search engines don’t like them.
Using frames
Don’t ever use frames. Google and Yahoo hate them. It’s a horrible way to structure a website.
Putting text inside images
Search engines can’t read the text inside a picture. You need content to rank high on the search engines and that means plain text.
Making the whole website in Flash
Flash is great for animations and some headers. But when your website is 100% Flash, there is no text for the search engines to read!
Not doing a basic optimization
All the content on a website needs to be optimized for the search engines. Put your keywords in the title, meta keywords tag, meta description tag, alt tags, and H1 and H2 tags. Get a sitemap that links to all the pages on your website. And never stop adding quality content.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Is Link Building Making Blog Spam?

For getting good traffic people do link building. Some times it makes Blog Spam. So, we should have some minimum Knowledge about Link Building. Quality of links is more important than quantity. I don't think there is any rule about exactly how many links one can have coming into one's site. If you are concerned about search engine rules, the thing to keep in mind is whether your incoming links are relevant to your site's theme or not. For example, if your site highlights your experience in teching, get links from teching institutes. Links from sites selling T-Shirts or other are not going to be good and could possibly get you penalized. Be careful to avoid sites which have no content, only links to other sites. These are generally sites built on a domain name related to some type of business. If the owner of the domain name doesn't have any content about the basic concept of Blog and doesn't intend to put any up and just want to sell links to businesses. Google considers such sites spam and allegedly deletes them from its index, although I've found quite a few of them on Google searches. But they're definitely something to avoid. You'd need to seek them out and give them money to list your site so you don't have to worry about being listed in one without your knowledge or consent. You can find out who's linking to your site by going to a Google search page and typing in link:yourdomainname. Don't use www, just the domain name and extension, eg., .com or .org. You can do the same search in other engines but I can't remember which ones have that feature.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Minor Things : Should Do For A Better Traffic

Many people dont consider these things while improving their traffic.
These are small but Great
Find out which websites link to your competitors. And get them to link to you, as well. Join an Affiliate program. But make sure you choose a good one.
Win awards for your website. There are plenty of reputable award sites like or
Article submission. Submit articles to websites like Ezine Articles or Goarticles. Just Contribute quality, relevant content and send it in.
Write reviews. On sites like Amazon or ePinions.
Become an authority. It is most likely you already are an authority in your business, so answer questions on Yahoo Answers and post your content everywhere.
Post in classifieds sites, like Craigslist and USFreeAds.
Create a Squidoo lens. Advertise one or all of your websites on
Submit guides to The nifty thing about this one is that if your guides are approved, you can include as many followed links as you want.
Write an article for Wikipedia. Although you may not be able to directly link to your website, include links to other pages that link to yours.
Exchange links. Link to other blogs/websites from yours, but which provide relevant content, and ask them to kindly reciprocate.
Use your forum signature. Please leave your name, message and link! There are lists of directories that allow signature links.
Find websites that mention your company or products but don’t provide the direct HTML link. Simply send them a friendly email and request the link.
These things will definitely help you

Friday, June 12, 2009

Freelancing: Tough i think

Most of the web designers use freelance sites to post a project and some work as freelancers to do some extra money. I have used some of the sites that deal with freelance projects and I have found that is very difficult to get a project. This is a tough market these days and you have to be at your best to stand in the competition. Recently, I came across a new which has interesting projects to work on. You can find or post a project for free and there is no much competition. I am familiar with a number of the freelance sites There are too few jobs for too many people. CrowdSpring is the new site it seems, judging from the publicity they've been getting... There are also sites like and, but what I do like from CrowdSpring is the fact that they actually secure payment from the client ahead of time. If the client gets more than 25 proposals, he has to choose and award the payment! If he simply goes missing, CrowdSpring's panelist chooses a winner and award the designer accordingly. If there is not enough submissions (less than 25 entries), then the client gets his money back. But thats a huge huge difference from other site, and definitely makes encourages me to propose a design! Please note however, that I haven't been using any of these sites much. I used to do work on eLance, but had some bad experiences that led me to quitting the online freelance work. I have to admit however, that I'm very very intrigued by CrowdSpring's business model, and fully intend to try it out when I manage to get some free time. I remember eLance having a subscription fee, which was a major point in me withdrawing from the services eventually. I decided to check and register with CrowdSpring, wanting to compare their price differences. Guess what? CrowdSpring has none! Looking around for hidden costs.. I'll find it somewhere.

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Most Effective Way To Promote Your Blog

There are several ways to promote your website for free online. Here are some highly effective techniques you can start using right now
Write articles or free reports for other webmasters to publish and put your website address in the by-line. If you can write good content, your articles will be published and a lot of readers who like your article will start using your website.
Arrange Joint Venture partnership with Webmasters and List owners.
Add your ad or website address to your own email signature. Thus, each time you send an email, you'll promote your own website.
Start exchanging Links with Other Webmasters. This is another very effective strategy to generate targeted traffic to your website free of cost.It involves contacting other webmasters for a probable link exchange partnership.
Add a blog to your site and Ping and the other search engines. Pinging your blogs to the search engines is the fastest and surest way to get the search engine robots to visit your blog and attract a number of new visitors to your web site regularly.

Submit your blog address to different blog search sites and directories. You can submit your blog's URL to websites such as Technorati, Daypop, Popdex and Blogdex.
Start creating RSS feeds for your site and submit the feed URLs to the major RSS feed directories online.
Become an active commenter. Try to leave your comments on the blogs that you visit regularly. Most of the comment systems also provide a way for you to leave a link back to your blog or website which begs a visit at the very least.
If you decide to have anything printed up, give your web address on it. You can print your URL on business cards, leaflets, stickers, etc.
Add your own web address to your forum profile signature. Each time you post or respond to questions, your ad will be displayed. If you can post good and useful content in forums, people who go through your threads will also certainly check out your website.
These things Will definitely help you

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Affiliate Programs : A Way To Earn Money

Affiliate Programs is a way to earn money. New internet peole dont know this. But its a great opportunity to make money and I truly believe that you can make Extra income on several Affiliate programs offered today. I do not believe you can make 1000 a day doing nothing ( as many saying ). Another thing to understand is the relationship between your success with the program and your knowledge of the product. You can take a great product and Fail--because you do not have the Passion or Knowledge of the Product to Promote It properly. I suggest you determine a product that you have a great interest in, find any programs related to that. By doing so--you already have the benefit of being able to promote your product to customers while gaining their confidence in you ( because you are an Authority on the subject ).

Friday, May 29, 2009

The Ideal Part Time Business : Internet

Starting an internet business is one sure way to make money on the internet. This is also the most simple and easiest business anybody can start without much capital. With the advent of information Technology, there are many internet business opportunity available to every individual today. This is how many of the self-made internet millionaires made their fortune on the internet. Before I made my first money on the internet, I was really mot sure about the possibility of making money on the internet. Today, I can assure you that any body can really make a living on the internet. You can really start your internet business from any part of the world. The only requirement you need is just a personal computer with an internet connection. Making money on the internet does not involve fraud(Most of the times). But there are some People who are Fraud. Those who believe that one can only make money on the internet through fraud are only living under the vineyard of misconception. Today, Home based internet business is taking care of unemployment in many societies. This type of business is not only ideal for mums but for every body ranging from students to graduates. Ones you have the basic knowledge on how to use a computer, you can simply start your own internet business with in a few hours. I feel starting your own home based business is fairly easy and profitable if you have a plan. Know what your business needs and choose a program that best suits your needs. Once you understand the basics of making money, it is really fun and easy. Home based business brings in lots of opportunities and is never limited for as long as you want to make it a career. It is undoubtedly your path towards financial success! Online business is easy and can be done with very little it's suitable for one and all...In any kind of business, marketing is such an important tool in the growth and development of a business or any kind of financial venture. For this reason, even with the technology that covers online businesses, still, it need highly revolutionized and very effective marketing strategy in order to boost their productivity and sales. Please consider this line. You should take Internet Business as Part time but should not be your main

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